2 Must Have Volca Accessories and Alternatives

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2 Must Have Volca Accessories and Alternatives

Compared to other synthesizers, the entire KORG volca lineup is actually quite cheap. Their small size and low weight makes them great to take with you wherever you may go. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cared for. They are still impressive machines which demand proper care and consideration. There are two great KORG volca accessories that you should get to expand the lifetime of your machines. These could even save you some money in the future. We have included some alternatives to the KORG’s official products to help suit your needs.

Volca Accessory #1 – External Power Supply

Running off batteries is great if you need to make music on the move, or even in the comfort of your home studio. But going through multiple sets of batteries can get expensive fast (and pollutes the environment!) Consider moving to an external power supply and instead only going for battery powered operation when the volca needs to be portable.

KORG KA-350 Power Supply

KORG’s KA-350 is the official power supply unit suggested for the volca series. You can trust that it does exactly what you’d expect: supply external power. It’s also guaranteed to work without a hitch on your beloved volca synth. The only issue is it’s quite expensive and only powers one device. Although, some other users have suggested daisy-chaining them to supply power to up to five other volcas.

Buy the KORG KA-350 Power Supply

MyVolts 5-Way Power Adapter

The MyVolts power adapter is virtually identical to the KA-350 listed above. The main difference is that it’s made by a different brand, and comes along with a daisy-chaining adapter. It’s also much cheaper than the KA-350, and can surely power five volcas right from the box. The only issue here is you risk some quality by going for a cheaper alternative and an off-brand. However, all-in-all, it’s a solid piece of hardware to add to your kit.

Buy the MyVolts 5-Way Power Adapter

Volca Accessory #2 – Protective Case

Cases are a great way to protect your investment. They make storing and transporting your volcas super easy, and many of them look great too. While there are many cases (and custom solutions) which would match the size of the volcas, we found some cases designed and built specifically for them. Any of these would be a great choice for single or multiple volca users.

KORG volcas Official Case

KORG’s official case, named the Korg Volca Case, is a standard no-frills carrying case designed to hold up to three volcas. It also has enough space to carry additional accessories, like sync cables, power adapters and the like. It is made of a soft material but is light weight and provides some protection from the elements, and is therefore quite inexpensive.

Buy the KORG volcas case

Sequenz CB4Volca Case

Another case designed to hold multiple volcas, the Sequenz CB4Volca case is the real deal. It’s a hard-shell case with a padded foam interior designed to comfortably house four volcas and any other necessary accessories. It’s a bit on the expensive side – but that extra cost brings a very sturdy shell and snug protective fit for each volca. Also comes with a separate shoulder strap for easy travel.

Buy the Sequenz CB4Volca Case

Sequenz Volca Case

The last case on our list today is also designed and manufactured by Sequenz. The difference here is these cases are designed to hold a single volca device, and a small compartment for any additional accessories. Unlike the other cases, this CCVolca case comes in a variety of different colors. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily a hard-style case, as it’s made from a softer material. But this will have no issues tossed in a looser, larger bag.

Buy the Sequenz Volca Case (multiple colors available)

Of course, there are tons of other accessories you could add to improve your volca experience, including headphones, midi, and sync cables. However there are too many options and individual preferences to think about. But an external power supply and protective case are easily the two most recommended accessories to pick up along with your KORG volca.


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