KORG Volca Drum Review

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KORG Volca Drum Review

The Volca Drum machine from Korg is another exceptional product from a company noted for bringing together power, compatibility, and a price just about anyone can afford. This analog machine has dominated the low-end market for a little while now. The more you understand about this machine, the easier it will be to appreciate that.

For example, the potential for creativity should be enormous, regardless of what you ultimately purchase. On the creative depth side of things, the Volca Drum is robust. That is really just the beginning of what it brings to the studio.

Volca Drum Features

This six-part drum synth module features two layers for each part. Within each layer, you will want to keep in mind that this machine gives you three types of oscillators, as well as three types of pitch modulators. The amp AG associated with this machine is extremely impressive, to say the least!

Being able to create complicated tones which draw from physically-modeled resonance is certainly useful. The Volca Drum gives you the ability to do exactly that, while enjoying everything its sixteen-step sequencer has to offer. Constructing your own complicated polyrhythm sounds has never been more straightforward than it is here. There is also a slice function, which lets you add a drumroll along any step you please.

In addition to a sixteen-level accent function, allowing you to add vital nuance to any given drum pattern, you will also want to note the randomizer function. It is one of the best we have ever seen for a drum machine in this price range.

Volca Drum Pros

As you have no doubt noticed, there are some excellent Volca Drum pros to consider:

  • Impressive depth: Given the size and cost, the depth of sound with this drum machine really is quite striking.
  • Wave Guide: The Wave Guide resonator effects for this machine are some of the best we’ve ever heard.
  • Speaker power: For its size, the speaker is extremely powerful.
  • Straightforward: Even if you’re new to drum machines, you’re going to be up and creating in no time.

Volca Drum Cons

There are some minor potential downsides to the Volca Drum:

  • Having just one audio output is generally fine. However, at times, it’s a little restrictive.
  • The effects are a little limited, which makes sense, given the price tag.


Aside from the small quibbles listed above, the Volca Drum is worth some serious research on your part. It has a stellar reputation for a reason.


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