KORG Volca FM Review

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KORG Volca FM Review

For music artists who want to combine classic technologies with new developments in those technologies, the Volca line from Korg is worth a serious look. In particular, for those who would like to learn more about FM synthesis, the Volca FM has a lot to offer. Accessibility and ease-of-use can be difficult to come by with FM synthesis. If you are a newcomer who wants to learn with a straightforward, powerful machine, this is one of the best options to consider.

As affordable as it is powerful, the Volca FM can be appreciated on a number of levels.

Volca FM Features

FM for everyone seems to be the foundation of this Volca product line release. Right out of the box, you are going to find yourself with easy access to a compelling variety of main perimeters. This means you don’t have to be an expert to simply get going. The sound is impressive for a machine this compact, and you will want to keep in mind that you even get the ability to import DX-7 patches.

The sheer range of ways to enjoy this machine is perhaps its most appealing feature. As affordable as it is enjoyable to use, the arpeggiator and velocity are two examples of how the features are built around inspiring you with a certain sense of fun.

The presence of a three-note pad is worth keeping in mind. There are also some excellent lead and bass sounds that you can mess around with. You can even work out some drones on this machine, or just play with your potential and desire to experiment. It will be a long time before this machine outlives its usefulness.

Volca FM Pros

There are some great advantages to this incredibly affordable machine:

  • Easy sound editing: The modulator and carrier knobs are as easy to find as they are to use. Mapped to a variety of parameters, your sound changes will be simple to comprehend.
  • Comprehensive architecture: Taking inspiration from the original DX7, the Volca FM can certainly be described as comprehensive.
  • Easy to control: In every possible way, your useful FM parameters are going to be remarkably easy to control.
  • Automation advantage: We love that the sequencer utilizes parameter automations.

Volca FM Cons

Are there any disadvantages to the Volca FM?

  • One could describe the voice count as being a bit low.
  • Some find the 3-voice polyphony a little frustrating.


Overall, we have to consider this to be another winner on the Volca line.


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