KORG Volca Keys Review

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KORG Volca Keys Review

In the world of analog synthesizers, the Korg Volca Keys is well worth a serious look. It has provided many with an affordable means of creating their own mixes with a plethora of sounds. Whether or not it can work out for your purposes will ultimately come down to a serious look at the features, as well as the pros and cons.

Other reviews have praised the exceptional affordability of the Volca Keys. While that is important to consider, it isn’t the only thing to keep in mind.

Volca Keys Features

The first thing to note with the Volca Keys would be the exceptional assortment of sound options made available to you. Combine that range with the very affordable price, and you can start to see why so many rely on this synthesizer to meet their needs. The control knob, found along the top left-hand portion of your device. This knob gives you numerous sound settings to play around with. Poly, union, octave, and fifth are a few examples of your setting options.

On the recording side of things, you are likely to be pleased, as well. You can easily find the play, memory, and function features along the upper-right corner of your device. This feature is ideal for those who want to create a background chorus.

The various jacks and outlets are appealing, as they give the device excellent compatibility with other devices. There are ports for Midi In, Sync In/Out, and then your standard jack for headphones.

Despite this device being a bit on the smallish side, the key layout is easy to understand and use.

Volca Keys Pros

At this point, it should be easy to appreciate the pros associated with this product:

  • Exceptional sound quality: Given the affordability, the sound quality for the Volca Keys is quite frankly amazing.
  • Compact: It is easy to bring your Volca Keys with you just about anywhere, as it is compact, and works with both batteries and wall outlets.
  • Straightforward: Traditional and experienced users both can appreciate how the controls are laid out.
  • Comprehensive support: Your Sync In/Out outlet makes it simple enough to connect multiple Volca products simultaneously.

Volca Keys Cons

Here are some potential downsides to consider:

  • If you have particularly large hands, this device can be slightly frustrating at times.
  • The lack of a MIDI Out feature is a little annoying.


Overall, the Volca Keys is an exceptional choice for both newcomers and experienced users.


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