KORG Volca Mix Review

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KORG Volca Mix Review

Chances are, if you a true fan of Korg’s Volca modules, you’ve been asking the company to put out a mixer for a long time. Korg has finally answered the call, and it would seem that their reputation endures nicely with the Volca Mix. For both power and compactness, this Volca device is certainly going to get your attention. On the performance side of things, we think there are a lot of other elements to this product that are worth appreciating.

Arguably, the biggest question for this product is whether or not it will play nicely with your various Volca modules.

Volca Mix Features

The first thing to keep in mind with the Volca Mix is that it can power as many as three of your other Volca modules. Syncing your devices up will give you a significant element of control over your tempo.

Overall, working with everything is a breeze. The Mix continues the Volca tradition of being something with appeal for newcomers and experienced composers alike. You will also want to pay attention to the inclusion of an external effects send. This doesn’t even include the range of useful, multifaceted performance features.

For example, each of your three channels (one for stereo/two for mono) will give you low-/high-cut filter options. Send control is offered, and you can also utilize a mute button and channel fader.

Stereo-widening and options for compression are both built right into the machine. The built-in speakers are excellent, as well.

Volca Mix Pros

There are some strong advantages to picking up the Volca Mix:

  • The price: Volca modules tend to be built for those who crave functionality and creativity, but who also don’t want to break the bank getting those things. The Volca Mix is one of the most noteworthy combinations of those ideals we have ever seen.
  • The power: A good mixer needs a strong power supply. You are not going to be disappointed here.
  • Easy integration: Integrating your external effects has never been easier.

Volca Mix Cons

Are there any downsides to this mixer?

  • Sync issue? Some have reported sync issues between the mixer and assorted modules. This is something that seems to be rare, but it is still worth keeping in mind.


This is an ideal mixer for the Volca devotee. It has the potential to dramatically open up your creative potential with regards to your creations. It is very easy indeed to get lost in everything the Volca Mix has to offer.


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