KORG Volca Modular Review

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KORG Volca Modular Review

From a charming, straightforward design, to a degree of functionality that produces exceptional results, we like just about everything about the Modular Korg’s Volca line. For many, this is the opportunity to marry west coast synthesis with a battery-power format that just about anyone can enjoy. Korg has often been praised for presenting power and ease-of-use in a compact design. The Volca Modular might be the best example of that we have seen to date.

This modular synth is a stunning achievement from Korg. There are several features and benefits to study further.

Volca Modular Features

These analog synthesizers are some of the best semi-modular examples we have seen in quite some time. The voice architecture is impressive, as well, with 2 VCOs, as well as a 2 EGs, 2 LPGs, and a whole host of fascinating digital effects.

You will also want to note the CV input, with I/O syncing capabilities that allow you to connect with vast array of modular synths. You will also find it easy to connect with Electribes, other Volcas, and so much more. Over fifty match points and twenty patch cables are included, which can keep you busy with sound design options for literally years to come.

The sixteen-step sequencer can certainly be described as advanced. There are multiple play modes. This lends itself well to the notion that the Volca Modular lends itself well to experimentation. The randomization capabilities are well worth appreciating, too.

In terms of playability right out the box, the Volca Modular hooks you up with tons of pre-set scales, pre-set keys, and even pre-set micro-tunings.

Volca Modular Pros

There are some distinct advantages to a Volca Modular in your studio:

  • Powerful synthesis: Portability and west coast synthesis have never come together so well.
  • Creative: This semi-modular lends itself extremely well to being creative. If you are looking for something that has a lot to offer in the way of experimentation, then it’s possible you’ve found it.
  • Patching power: Another way to enjoy the enormous creativity and flexibility of this machine? Consider the assortment of patches you can work with.

Volca Modular Cons

Here are some potential downsides to think over:

  • Compared to other Korg Volca products, the battery life is a little unimpressive.
  • Comparatively speaking, this product is little more complex, and a little less intuitive, then most Volca products.


While it can get a bit fiddly, the Volca Modular is still an extremely impressive device.


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