Volca Ranked – Top 3 Beginner KORG Volcas

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Volca Ranked – Top 3 Beginner KORG Volcas

Choosing a first synthesizer is a difficult task. What is the best beginner KORG volca? With so many different volcas available, which one should you choose? In this article, we will cover our top three beginner KORG volcas. Just remember that everyone has their own tastes and needs. It’s very possible that the best beginner volca for you may be different! We ranked and selected these devices based on factors relevant to beginners. If none of these seem to be what you’re looking for, check out the alternatives. Now, onto the list:

Top 3 Beginner KORG Volcas

volca Sample – Best All-Arounder

The KORG volca Sample is arguably the most popular device in the entire series. And that’s no surprise either: samplers provide crazy good flexibility. KORG really outdid themselves with this machine by pairing the power of a sampler with a cheaper, small-form factor of the volca series. A sampler takes recorded or existing sounds and plays them back. Except those sounds can be modified and have effects layered on top of them to make them more and more unique. That means that the volca Sample itself could be used as a drum machine, for leads, for bass, or even a combination of everything. The only limitation is what sounds the creator has access to, but sometimes even sampling things from around your desk or daily life can create awesome tracks themselves. In the end, the Sample is a very flexible device with almost unlimited potential.

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Alternative: PO-33 K.O! from Teenage Engineering – different device from a different company. Both fulfill similar roles, but slightly cheaper and a different form factor. See our comparison here.

volca Keys – Best Traditional Synthesizer

The KORG volca Keys is the closest of our three beginner volcas to a traditional synthesizer. It’s also one of the few devices which have 27 keys laid out in a typical piano-like fashion. This makes it a great entry point for anyone looking to get into electronic music production who already has some experience with a classical instrument like a piano or saxophone. The Keys features a very simple and straightforward layout which is very intuitive for a beginner. Each of the knobs are clearly labeled and organized accordingly so first time users will have no problem understanding how they affect the sound. Like other volcas, the Keys comes with the standard 16-step sequencer, and can play up to three voices at once making it a great first (or second) synth for any setup.

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Alternative: volca FM or volca Modular – both are outstanding devices which expand upon the Key’s capabilities. But they are substantially more complicated to work with.

volca Beats – Compact Rhythm Machine

The volca Beats is also a great choice for a beginner. While the other suggestions are more geared towards melodic parts, the Beats is a fully featured drum machine. This makes it an ideal choice for a first or second device. With 6 completely analogue sounds and 4 PCM sounds, the Beats can cover a wide variety sounds and styles. Unlike a sampler (like the volca Sample) which is a jack-of-all-trades kind of machine, the Beats is almost a necessity for any form of serious music production. What genre of music doesn’t have drums? In terms of complexity, the Beats is definitely one of the simplest to master. However, this just means that it’s easier to get up to speed and running faster. The KORG volca Beats is a solid drum machine packing a powerful punch and great feature set in a small package.

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Alternative: volca Kick – more of a specialized machine for generating an awesome kick drum (and other percussive effects). Probably better off with this if you make a lot of dance or techno music.

And there you have it. Some great volcas for beginners. As mentioned previously, all of them fulfill a unique role and each can produce it’s own unique sound. So be sure to consider all options to find which volca best suits your needs. In reality all of them are great devices due to their lower cost compared to a full sized synthesizer or setup.

Update: If you’re picking up your first volca, we recommend using a case and power supply as outlined in this article here: Must-Have Volca Accessories.


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