KORG Volca Kick Review

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KORG Volca Kick Review

Bass drops and kick drums are vital components for many musical artists. Korg seems to be a company with a solid understanding of this reality. To that end, they have released the endlessly-impressive Volca Kick. If you are already familiar with other examples of the Volca line, then you probably already have a good idea of everything the Volca Kick will bring to your compositions.

This is one of the best analog kick generators available at this price range. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect right out of the box.

Volca Kick Features

From trap, to dub, to hip hop, the possibilities are seemingly endless with the Volca Kick. Offering straightforward control over both tone and envelope, you will also want to note that the overdrive circuit for this synthesizer is remarkably powerful. This is a compact machine, but it produces some truly fat sounds. Everything, from its design, to the features offered, is designed around making it easy to create your own kicks and bass sounds with ease.

Features like the MIDI input allow you to work efficiently to create your own singular sounds. Integrating the machine with other products along the Volca line is also straightforward.

The Touch-FX sequencer is also worth noting. When you need to create a stutter or break quickly, the sequencer will make it easy to do exactly that. You should also pay attention to the Active Step function, as well as functions related to Accents, Slides, or Bend Reverse. The sequencing potential behind these functions gives you tons of chances to get really creative.

Volca Kick Pros

Some of the strongest advantages of the Volca Kick includes:

  • It handles a lot: From a pitched bass line, to complex sequences, or even your percussion voices, this Volca handles a great deal.
  • Simple implementation: Motion sequencing through your sequencer is a breeze. Motion sequencing implementation in this case can best be described as comprehensive.
  • Features made for performance: The performance features to be found on the Kick is impressive, particularly when you keep the price tag in mind.

Volca Kick Cons

There are some potential issues with this machine:

  • Fine-tuning can be occasionally troublesome, due to Stepped Pitch controls.
  • If you’re interested in modular setups, note the Volca Kick lacks CV/Gate inputs.


For those who want to have fun with kick drums and bass drops, the Volca Kick is an ideal contender for your money.


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